A Blog About Nothing, or Everything?

Posted on: June 8, 2012

Hi, this is Rachel Hirschhaut, and if you are reading this, I am…


I think I’ll begin with a David Letterman-style Top Ten List of reasons why I should create this blog:

-Because people tell me I have a unique voice and a lot to say. 

-Because I have a restless mind, and need a place to share all those epiphanies that hit me.

-Because I hear that self-publishing is now, more than ever, a legitimate way for writers

and even aspiring writers to put themselves out there.

-Because if Tina Fey and countless others published a whole book of random thoughts, why shouldn’t I start a similar type of blog? 

-Because college is a wondrous source of inspiration – the classes I’ve taken and will take, the people I’ve met, the ability to simply wake up and try something I’ve always wanted to try — and more.

-Because sometimes you never know how much influence you’ve had on someone until you read their writing, and I want to acknowledge the people who inspire me.

-Because writing is a lot like planting a seed and not knowing what it will grow into, and that is a beautiful thing.

-Because I am seeking a more meaningful writing outlet than Facebook or Twitter, and I want to reaffirm that meaningful writing and communication can be found somewhere in cyberspace.   

-Because who doesn’t want or need a little more humor and wisdom? 

-Why not?  (If anyone has a reason why I should not write, speak now.  No one?  Okay.) 

The Benjamin Franklin quote on the back of my high school literary magazine T-shirt (StageWrite, hooray!) says, “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”  But I say why choose one or the other?  I am trying to accomplish both in my life, and document it too, while reflecting and expressing my love for books, poetry, writing my own pieces, TV, arts, music, food, traveling, interesting people, society, the world, Jewish thought, and ordinary moments of inspiration.  This summer I am interning, working, traveling to California this weekend and probably somewhere new later on, and trying to fill that strange void between college semesters.  So who knows what this blog will evolve into?  Stay tuned.  (Cue the theme music and credits).



1 Response to "A Blog About Nothing, or Everything?"

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