“There are no words, but there are only words.”

Posted on: July 24, 2012

I shake through the wreckage for signs of life

Scrolling through the paragraphs

Clicking through the photographs

I wish I could make sense of what we do

Burning down the capitals

The wisest of the animals

-Keane, “Perfect Symmetry”

Like anyone following the news coverage of the Colorado tragedy, I feel the need to write something, but I don’t know what is left to say.

These are the horribly ironic and unjust stories that I can’t get out of my mind:

-The young journalist who wrote about how lucky she was to escape a mall shooting in Canada, only to become a victim again.  (She is yet another person I never knew, but feel a connection to because I read her blog post.)

-The military serviceman who survived a tour of duty, only to be killed during an evening of recreation at the movies.

And then there are the injustices of the situation:

-That an innocent mom trying to buy a pack of Sudafed at the drugstore has to put her name on a government watch list (true story), but a criminal can buy four rifles, 6000 rounds of ammunition, bomb-making ingredients, and tear gas without strong enough restrictions.

-That most of us can’t even bring outside food or drinks into a movie theater, but this man slipped by unnoticed with weapons in hand.

I don’t want to politicize this horrific event (even though it may be evidence that we should rethink the outdated Second Amendment, which was created to give MILITIAS the right to bear arms rather than individual people).  That is a discussion for another time.

This is a time when people either split off into one of two groups: those who take the tragedy as a reminder of the fragility of life and see it as something that brings people closer together, or those who take it as yet another sign that humanity is beyond repair.  I believe we can only grow from tragedy by taking the first path.  I may be a little more cautious and aware of my surroundings next time I see a movie, but no one should let any national tragedy stop them from going out and living life.  This means a lot coming from a member of the generation that witnessed 9/11 when we were innocent children.  We must move forward, remember those who were lost, and seek out peace.


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