Brandeis Year 2: The Year Of Wise Fools

Posted on: September 7, 2012

Hello, readers.  This is my first post written from my beautiful, air-conditioned Village C room at Brandeis!  It is wonderful to be back for sophomore year, even though I still have to remind myself I’m not a freshman anymore. 

So this is sophomore year.  A long time ago, I learned that the word “sophomore” literally means “wise fool”, according to English folklore. That is an interesting contradiction about human nature.  “Wise fool” – does that suggest that a person’s underlying foolishness cancels out whatever wisdom they might possess?  Are we nothing more than fools, despite the myriad things we’ve learned and experienced?  And what exactly makes us wise: expertise in a subject, our overall worldview, or both?      

I think the description of wisdom and foolishness fits this year well, in a good way.  As the year begins, I am simultaneously reminded every day how much and how little I know.  It’s refreshing to see how easy the transition to sophomore year was, compared to the head-spinning newness of freshman year.  The campus is familiar, and returning feels like settling back into an old routine rather than starting from scratch. 

What’s new this year are a few commitments.  My overwhelming desire to commit to every club and organization is still there (seriously, it must be something in the air at Brandeis), but now I am privileged to have leadership positions in two groups that inspire me.  This year I will be Deputy News Editor of the Brandeis Hoot, and Social Events Coordinator of BaRuCH: The Brandeis Reform Chavurah!  (Thank you, leaders, for entrusting me with actual club responsibilities.  I won’t let you down.)  As a Hoot staff member I will help come up with story ideas and get my lovely fellow news editors through Thursday production nights, and as Social Events Coordinator I will plan exciting bonding events to bring people together and sustain our group membership!  I am gaining knowledge of two passions of mine, writing and Reform Judaism, from the inside and hope each of these two experiences will enrich the other and make me a better person. 

And maybe it is all right to walk into my first board meetings or production nights and have no idea what I am doing.  There is a time and place to try anything, and that is college.  Maybe the time spent wandering outside of my comfort zone will teach me more about myself than my actual work.  Every journey begins with a single step, and maybe temporary foolishness is just the first step in a journey.  I am ready for whatever learning, new friendships, and further adventures this year will bring.  Last year I laid a foundation for the rest of college, and this year I hope to grow closer to finding my path and gain a little more direction for the future, even when my projected plans change every day.

With undying love for the Brandeis Democrats’ DNC viewing parties, my roommate, the sounds of a cappella everywhere, and every photo of my baby cousin Ellie,



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