Because Poetry Is Better With People To Write It For

Posted on: April 15, 2013

So this is a poem about a funny (and ironic) realization I had, about someone who’s become very important in my life.  Maybe you know who, but if you don’t, just ask me.  Anyway.  Here’s the poem.
I Don’t Remember

I don’t remember the day we met

I know I should, but it was just like any other day
That no one knew would be the first of so many between us
That first stitch in the tapestry
that would keep us warm through the coldest days
You said it once yourself,
That we only find that item we are looking for
after we’ve let our guard down and stopped looking
It will just turn up
And you are that item I never knew I never had
Until I found it
Or it found me
Maybe both
It all took me by surprise
And maybe that’s why I don’t remember
Even though I should
It’s all very confusing, you know
Memory is a cracked cup
It only holds onto half of what it should
Since then, I remember it all

Walking secure and warm under your umbrella

And passing through the places I know you’ll be

It’s the days we’ve weathered together

And the look on your face when you see me unexpectedly

The present is enough for me

So many times I can never forget
Except for, maybe, the day we met
But who needs a past when there’s a future

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