Posted on: April 18, 2013

So I wrote this post before the tragedy on Monday, and decided it still needs to be posted because more than ever, we need to see beauty and hope.
This was the collaborative art project that we did at BaRuCH’s Tefillah B’Teva (outdoor nature-centered prayer) retreat this past weekend.  6 of us were given a piece of cardboard and told to fill in the outlined spaces with combinations of paint, tissue paper, and beads to look like the sunrise, sunset, or dusk.  This was my individual piece:


But we were not told what it was for, until everyone was finished and the two wonderful coordinators put the pieces together to create this: 



A hamsa, made in six parts.

As someone who is still exploring and questioning and sometimes doubting who I am, I see this as a metaphor for life.  You never know exactly what your role will be among your friends, classmates, and peers, and in the larger mosaic of society.  You can only create and decorate your piece with the passions, talents, and resources that YOU, and only you, were given.  And sometimes you will be surprised by exactly how and where it fits in.  You never know in what ways you have touched people’s lives, and become their missing pieces.  Whatever it is, your life has a purpose.  Just remember that.
(Credit to Emma and Mea who coordinated this event: I cannot thank you enough for inspiring us all through art and reflection this weekend.)

Making Your Piece Count


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