It Suddenly Feels Real Now

Posted on: December 4, 2013

This semester abroad is so close now, I can almost taste the tea and crumpets. 
My January 1 flight (Jan. 2 arrival) is booked.  
As someone who always looks for special meanings in numbers and dates, I think it’s especially significant that New Year’s Day 2014 is literally the start of my biggest adventure yet.  New year, new country, new friends.
A month from now, I’ll be sailing the River Thames on an orientation boat cruise.
Some more knowledge I’ve gained recently (thanks to a wonderful program alumna):  
-You’ll have to pay to join clubs at Queen Mary and most English universities, but theatre tickets in London are very reasonably priced, and most museums are free (!!!) for students.  
-Under no circumstances should you try to imitate a British accent.  It’s okay to be your American self. 
That’s all for now, as I push through finals and keep my eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel.  Much more to come.

1 Response to "It Suddenly Feels Real Now"

I’ve been in England for three months now, and I am leaving next week. You will have a blast. You will probably be homesick at times, but it will get better and, you will make lots of new friends. I’ve heard there’s actually a good community of Americans in London.

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