Another Year Over, A New One’s Just Begun

Posted on: December 31, 2013

auld lang syne
ôld laNG ˈzīn,ˈsīn/
1.times long past.

A year is a long time to reflect on.

Especially when the days feel neverending, and then you look back and realize another entire year has passed. How did that happen?

Every year has its ups and downs. Surprises, victories, losses, and lovely moments in-between.

I grew closer to people. I went to Israel and won a scholarship for my time abroad.

And now I end the year with the unique feeling of purpose and completion that settles over us when the calendar hits December 31.

There was a little too much sadness and injustice in the world this year. Not affecting me or my family, thankfully, but too close to home.  I’m not sure if there was actually more of it, or if more people (myself included) were just attuned to it, because of the interconnectedness of the Internet.

Yet there was hope. There is always hope.

For me, 2014 has to be a year of adventure, of friendship, of confidence, and love. I hope to have an extraordinary experience abroad, complete a meaningful internship upon coming home, and somehow end the year with a real New Year’s Eve kiss.

2014 already looks promising — it’s an even number, after all, and I’m starting it at the same time I start many journeys, physical and spiritual.

It feels like the resolution to so many plot threads that were set in motion in 2013.

I know it will be the beginning of a transition for me and so many, as I enter senior year of college.

Yet I am ready.

London is calling.


(Auld Lang Syne)


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