The Fab Four, Reunited

Posted on: February 19, 2014

“Home, yes I am home, home is wherever I’m with you”

Last time all four of us were together in London, I was no more than six years old and my brother Ben was three.  It was 1999 and we weren’t even in this millennium.  
I remember the highlights — an afternoon tea with Mom where I probably couldn’t sit still, napping through a parade at Buckingham Palace (oops), playing in the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain at Hyde Park, and a magnificent West End show of The Lion King.  
Now my family is back in London visiting me over reading week, and so much has changed. 
(On the red carpet… of our hotel) 
They’ve always gotten into my school projects, whether we had to cook Spanish food, go grocery-shopping on a limited budget, or who knows what else.  Now this week is like one long family field trip. 
(At the British Museum, where we studied the architecture for my latest project)
Despite midterms, winter colds, and general busy-ness, we’ve seen and done so much: 
The London Eye lit up for Valentine’s Day
Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana’s gowns on display at Kensington Palace
Then there was shopping, a show (We Will Rock You, based on Freddie Mercury’s music), and the night we saw Prince William drive by after the BAFTAs (the British Oscars). 
It’s been nice to meet new people on my program, but there’s something wonderful about traveling with family.  They understand me best (and vice versa), and now I’m seeing London differently from their perspectives.
Apparently the food is getting more sophisticated, and London is more international than ever.  We’ve met kind old couples visiting from Spain, hotel staff from Hungary and Latvia, you name it.  
Let there be many more travels for all of us.

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