Open Letter To The Parents Of An Introvert

Posted on: August 4, 2014

You have been blessed with a gift.
A child of few words,
Who says what she means and speaks when she means it.

She’s not “antisocial”.
She loves people. And she wants to go out and be social, she’ll seek out the most meaningful relationships and discover exactly what makes each person unique.

Avoid all stereotypes when trying to understand introverts.

They’re not necessarily shy. Soft-spoken people can be confident in their ideas too.

They don’t necessarily have social anxiety either. That is a whole other issue.

And they need to be alone sometimes, but they DO indeed get lonely at other times. It’s never black or white. It’s a million shades of gray.

Maybe your introvert will be a writer.
Or an artist.
Or the forward-thinking visionary who advises our most powerful leaders.
There’s a place for all of us somewhere in this world.
Yes, us too.

One day she will wake up with the courage to just say it.
“I’m an introvert. And I’m fine with that.”
Don’t say “No you’re not”
because that diminishes the beauty of all those personality traits she’s learned to love.

An introvert is a spark.
She wants to light up the world, and she’ll burn bright until that moment when she just needs to be alone
She’ll relight herself with a book, or music, or wandering off somewhere
And then she’ll come back brighter.

“Secure your oxygen mask before helping others” is actually a great metaphor for the lives of introverts.  We need to take time for ourselves before we can help and illuminate the lives of those around us.

When she needs to recharge by being quiet, accept that.
When she opens up, listen.

Never compare them to their more extroverted peers.
And most of all, appreciate them exactly as they are.


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