To My Brother In His First Week Of College (And Any Other Freshmen)

Posted on: September 7, 2014

First of all, you can do it.

The school let you in for a reason. Now make us proud and bring them to their knees.

Campus will become your home.

Soon enough you’ll have your favorite professor, your favorite dining hall employee who knows your name, and more.

Bond with your floor-mates. Your freshman floor will be a great first group of friends, a nice support system.

You will meet friends in unexpected times and places.
So go to all the mixers and join the clubs where you’ll find like-minded people.
And pay attention to those people who smile when you pass them on the quad.
Anyone you meet is a potential friend.

If you don’t feel like calling home, call anyway.
It will make Mom and Dad very happy.
They’ll always find something to worry about. All because they love you.
Realize that all their advice will make sense one day. Soon.

Keep track of your requirements and try to fulfill them early.
But also take those life-changing classes you never thought you’d take.

Realize you are not an adult yet.
And you don’t have to be.
College is just the next stage.
And when you go home, you’ll see us all again and feel like nothing ever changed.

Be strong if anything doesn’t go as planned.
And know that you can learn something from every experience.
Every class, every conversation, every experience.
Keep learning.
And keep moving forward.


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