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For anything I said in times of stress, sleep deprivation, or when I was otherwise not myself

For any attention-seeking, especially on social media

For any laziness and procrastination

For any time I missed the chance to do an act of kindness, to help a person or cause

For any inability to see an issue from someone else’s perspective

For ever thinking my way was the only way

For any time my raging emotions overpowered my desire for kindness and harmony

For any fights

For any jokes I made in poor taste

For any time I failed to consider my privileges in life, or the struggles of others

For complaining about mundane problems and forgetting how lucky I am just to be healthy and thriving and blessed with the best opportunities

I hope you, God and fellow humans, can forgive me.

Because I have missed the mark.

That phrase, to me, is the definition of Yom Kippur atonement.
Most of us don’t set out to do evil.
Instead, we aim our arrows towards one target and we miss.

That’s why there are 10 commandments reminding us not to do the Very Bad Things, and 613 more telling us what ordinary things we should do or avoid. Because life is complicated, and we are held back by the limitations of our perfectly imperfect human minds, and everyone makes mistakes.

Yom Kippur is about picking up all the fallen arrows from the ground and starting fresh.

As the season changes, so do we try to change and improve ourselves.


May you all be written into the Book of Life.